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D series Diesel pile hammers

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The characteristics of D Series Diesel Pile Hammers: 

● High impact energy

● High temperature resistance 

● Low fuel consumption

● Fast heat dissipation

● High efficiency

The D series diesel pile hammers developed by Jiangsu Juwei Machinery Co. Ltd is the most widely used construction equipment at present. These products using the principle and technology of diesel engines that improves the efficiency of continuous pilling. The unique forced lubrication extends the life of the equipment. 

With a spirit of innovation from beginning to end, and a strong R&D team, JUWEI also developed water cooled diesel pile hammer. This product combines the design concepts of international air-cooling and water-cooling. And it also combines the professional technology of our company and adopts special structure to permanently eliminate water tank penetration.

It has the characteristics of long strike time, direct and fast heat dissipation, and strong hitting energy. It can meet the basic construction requirements such as high hit times and tight construction period and so on.

At the same time, the product uses a reasonable and unique combustion chamber structure to enhance the take-off height of the piston, which is more powerful, more complete and more environmentally friendly. The comprehensive performance has reached the international advanced level.

The heavy air-cooled and water-cooled tubular diesel pile hammer developed to meet the requirements of marine construction, which has been favored and praised by domestic and foreign customers. This series of heavy equipment is suitable for national key projects such as wind power, docks, oil drilling platform, and cross-sea bridges. 

At present, the heavy diesel hammer produced by Jiangsu Juwei Machinery Co., Ltd has participated in Zhuhai-Hong Kong Bridge, Donghai Bridge, Yangshan Port Terminal, Xiangshui Offshore Wind Power, Taiwan Golden Gate Bridge, Fujian Pingtan Bridge, Fujian Xiapu National Project, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal etc.


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